Class 10 microSD

I usually try to stay away from variations for posts, but in this case I just couldn’t help myself. Kingston, the top dog (in my eyes) for storage devices, has added a new 32GB microSD card to their line-up, and the best part about it? it’s a class 10 baby. Some of you might not know what that means and I can’t blame you as it’s about as exciting as listening to a dog show on the radio. A class 10 is a super fast transfer rate, this one holds a 10MB/sec minimum to be more precise. Why is this news worthy you ask? because it’s gonna make hacking them PSP’s and Android phones so much better, more space and more speed…it’s like a pirates wet dream. You can already get 10’s in the reg SD sizes but the micro is not so common and it’s gonna rock the mobile world. You can pick one of these bad boys up for $153 or you can get a lower model (anywhere from 4-16GB) ooooorrrrrrr you can do like me and hire a little person to memorize all your info and carry them around in a backpack.

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