NSA give you tips on being secure

So check this out, things are so bad on the interwebz front that the friggin NSA is giving out free (and surprisingly good) tips on how to secure your computer right the hell up. They can be found HERE. You use this in combination with a whole bunch of other crap and no one will be able to break into your computer and set all your icons to phallic-shaped wonders while dumping all of their amassed porn in your recycle bind labeled “dont let my wife see”. This is all well and good but it’s second to the CatastroFUCK method of computer saftey:

  1. kick screen in
  2. pour gasoline on that sucker
  3. torch it
  4. piss out the flames

I’ve done that at least 4 times for my business desktop and I have yet to get any viruses or hackers…tho I did feel a little woozy from the fumes last time, but I got checked and I wasn’t sick. note: This will probably get you reprimanded at work, unlike me who got the shining compliment of “you’re depraved”. Athank you, athank you


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