I WANT!!:sick desk pc mod

You know whats awesome? me. You know whats half as awesome as that? pc case mods. Now this one goes even beyond that as it is like a total structural mod. That desk up there…thats actually the pc case, go ahead pee your self just a little bit. There is a whole lotta kickass stuffed between that glass too! Peter(the man from the Netherlands whom built this massive rig) proudly proclaims the installation of a i7 sandy bridge processor capable of 4.5+GHz (overclocked) and a 10 TB storage capacity. Oh and all of it runs silent and cool thanks to the liquid cooled system and 17 fans between the two sheets of glass. This is definitely a genius idea, there’s plenty of space for expansion and it’s still easy to move….plus it looks all kinds of sweet with the glowwy lights.


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2 thoughts on “I WANT!!:sick desk pc mod

  1. fuck me…. *chin dropping down on the floor*

  2. I know right? the guy could easily fit a triple crossfired HD6990 in there and rock out some 12gb of VRAM….creaming my pants just thinking about it

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