Monster-sized NES controller

Remember the sweet ass days when the A and B buttons where backwards (used to annoy the shit out of me), well now you can remember it if friggin jolly green giant size. Some student from Dutch University (whose name is not important to me, and there for not important to you) built this enormous NES controller to be 30 times the size of the original (so 12’x5′). Why you ask? Because he mis interrupted the term “living large”. oh and I nearly forgot a key point…it actually works. So there you have it go buy this and then turn a RV into the actually system (consisting of one cartridge inside it) to be proportionally correct.


PS: Im pretty much done with my business here guys so I’ll be heading back home and working in the office again! So go to the bar and celebrate, the first round is on me! if you can find me muhahahaha

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2 thoughts on “Monster-sized NES controller

  1. oh my god, thats a dream come through, would be cool to take this to the local cinema house and plug it in there to play some big ass Super Mario games…

  2. that would be pretty rockin….I wonder if they would make giant cartridges

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