Git ta drankin

So check this out, I actually got dragged out because Im so friggin miserable doing what Im doing right now. Whilst out we partook in some minor beverage consumption….only like a $150 tab for the two of us. There was blurriness and vertigo to spare but nothing to extreme. At some point during the night (between the juggling midgets and the burlesque show I believe) there as this guy who came up to us and asked if we wanted to see a magic trick, I asked if it was “magik with a ‘K’ or a ‘C'” and he answered correctly so I said yes. The man pulled the old school pick a card line and we obliged, but to our surprise this wasn’t the normal trick we were used to…The man threw the rest of the deck in our faces while screaming “DAVID BLAINE!” and running away with his hands in the air like an old school black and white toon. completely baffled we did the only thing that made sense to us….go do more drinking. You’d think that would be enough magik for the night, but I did one more trick and it was a combo! I made all my money disappear while I flashed forward in time to the morning, pretty sick huh? Well anyway that was part of my one night of relief, maybe if I can remember it your lucky you’ll get to hear the rest of it sometime.

Well because I said it and I would feel bad for anyone who hadn’t seen it before Im gonna post up the famous David Blaine street magic skit, there are sequels…you can go find them.

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