Kal-el begins

Hey guys! How was your holiday weekend? filled with booze and good times I’m sure. Mine on the other hand was filled with even better times, all I can remember in the blur is a vodka volcano erupting and showering me and the babes in is lovely goodness whilst we basked in the rum sun’s warmth by the whiskey river. But sometime during all of that I managed to break a tooth (probably cuz I was spreading my seed to hard) and I’m not happy about having to get that fixed. But whatever, long weekends happen. Now on to the news! Nvidia broke out a video demoing there super awesome Kal-el  chipset for mobile computing(that’s the hip term for mobilephones/tablets) and let me tell you, it’s orgasmic. The quad-core chipset will be available for any Arm based mobile unit and will finally bring the power of a thousand suns into my hands. I’ve posted the demo for you just to show you the serious computing power of the Tegra series’ next step. Sure it’s basically maxing out the cores, but it’s still pretty impressive if you keep in mind it’s not on an actual computer. The chipset can also handle an impressive 2560-by-1600 resolution screen and spank out 1440p (which is like super HD for all you non techy types). Anywho watch the vid and let me know how much you creamed yourself.


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