Anonymous’ folly

So I heard this thing today while I totally wasn’t at the bar with KinderGardenCop scoping out the bartender and calling for a refill on chloroform, and no it’s not about the iPhone because I hate the thing and it isn’t quite newsworthy yet (wait for the 5 sucka). So you all know about the Anonymous hacker group because you all vigilantly read my old articles like a cult(or you just generally see the news), but have you heard the latest? Apparently the Anon group has declared war on the New York stock exchange and vows to erase it from the internet on October the 10th. Mostly known for petty (yet impressive in quantity and organization) DDOS attacks and a few hacker grade assaults, the group has backed a no-tech protest on wall street..and for decent reasons at that

We are Anonymous.
The events transpiring within Wall Street have caught our eye.
It seems that the government and federal agencies enjoy enforcing the law a little bit too much. They instate unjust laws as mindless automatons, blindly following orders with soulless precision.
We witness the government enforcing the laws that punish the 99 percent while allowing the 1 percent to escape justice, unharmed, for their crimes against the people.
We have observed this same government failing to enforce even the minimal legal restraints of Wall Street’s abuses. This government who has willingly ignored the greed at Wall Street has even bailed out the perpetrators that have caused our crisis.

So protecting the “little guy” was the whole backing for their initial strife and Im cool with that, cuz it reminds me of an anime I watched once(yes I do nerdy things every now and then, and no it wasnt a porn). Now that doesn’t mean I’m okay with this, for one main reason I have stocks that need to be sold on that day! it totally defeats the purpose. Okay so first I suppose you should read this to see the reason why they are attacking the NYSE:

We will not stand by and watch the system take over our way of life.
We the people shall stand against the government’s inaction.
We the people will not be witnesses to your corruption and ill-gotten profits.
We will not labor for your leisure.
We will not assist you in any way.
This is why we choose to declare our war against the New York Stock Exchange. We can no longer stay silent as the population is being exploited and forced to make sacrifices in the name of profit.
We will show the world that we are true to our word. On Oct. 10, NYSE shall be erased from the Internet. On Oct. 10, expect a day that will never, ever be forgotten.
Vox Populi, Vox Anon.
The Voice of The People is The Voice of Anonymous.
We are Legion. We are the 99 percent.
We do not forgive. We do not forget.
Wall Street: Expect us

Okay so Its’s a tad bit vague, like my memory conveniently is after I wake up from a drunken crap fest(I swear I call you soon Jill, Stephanie, Heather, or Bill…what ever your name was). It was a little bit more direct thru message boards and here-say so let me clear it up for you, basically they find an extreme injustice in how the government backs the “1%” of wealthy americans with all kinds of kick backs and unfair laws while shafting the little guy(thats you..your the little guy)

And you dont even get any of this...

Because of this they plan on taking down the Stock Exchange, cuz every rich person deals in stocks son…its a fact! Now here’s the problem with that…the stock system is a complex nation/global economy…so taking it down is going to effect the working man just as badly as the rich people. Sure its a more isolated system than others but not nearly enough to not be a threat to all fiscal developments. Basically what they are doing is equivalent to a dictator slaughtering his own people so that they dont get enslaved by his enemies…its counter productive. I applaud their hearts, but I cant see that this is the best target to attack to make their opinions clear. But I suppose we will just have to wait and see on October 10…which is sooo not as good as the 5th of November as the Guy Fawkes masks they don allude to(which is obviously referenced to the movie V and not the actual political view of the actual bat-shit crazy Guy Fawkes). Now then lets talk using copious amounts of alliteration to tribute the small bit in the film. Barbarous balkers behoove blistering bowels before becoming bewildered by blind bearded bachelor’s big banter. but beer brings bipartisan breathe bordering bipolar benevolence….umm…okay I give up

V is lauging at me right now...all burnt and shit<


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