Kindergarden Cop Is BaaaaaCK!!!

Hello everyone!!! Sorry for the long leave of absence, but between long work hours and just pure laziness I really haven’t had the time to do any writing. I just wanted  to announce that Kindergarden Cop is back and is going full force. “Oh Yes I’ve got news for you. You’re mine now you belong to me! Your not gonna have your mommy’s around to wipe your little tooshies. Ohhhh no, It’s time to turn this moosh into muscles. No more complaining no more I have to go to the bathroom. THERE IS NO BATHROOM!!!”

Anyway the site has been changing a little bit by bit and we’re hoping for the better! Now that I am about at least 60 hours into the newly released Elder Scrolls – Skyrim (it’s so good!!) I think I just might be able to pry myself away for a bit and put my focus back on the site… maybe lol. Did I mention Skyrim is really good!!!

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