Spacial prettiness brought to you by IzaakMak

I was browsing over at a fellow blogger’s page when I came across an interesting video. It’s just a time-lapse video of spacial descent, but I just thought it kinda neat to watch footage like this, grab a peak and head over to I Want Ice Water for more of IzaakMak’s stuff.

J. Major posted this incredible video in his The Journey Home post at the Lights in the Dark blog. I urge you to check out his post, as well as astronaut Ron Garan’s notes at both Time Lapse From Space – Literally. The Journey Home and Coming Back Down To Our Fragile Oasis.

Crank It Up and Go Full Screen!

“Producing time-lapse video onboard the International Space Station while orbiting 250 miles above the Earth at 17,500 miles per hour helps people follow along on our missions, not as spectators, but as fellow crewmembers. — Ron Garan, NASA Astronaut, Expedition 27 & 28″

I’d say the mission has been accomplished!

I want ice water.

More Timelapse Awesomeness From The ISS on IWANTICEWEATER.

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