See the world like an FPS

Ever stop to think about how retarded it is that shooter video games have HUD‘s, like you would really have that kind of displayed information in your vision. Well Prof. Babak Parviz has an invention that will open your eyes to just that possibility(see what I did there?). Introducing the God lens*
, a contact lens that feeds live information right into your cornea. Basically its an augmented reality spectacle (think Google Goggles…the ski goggles not the app) shrunken down into the perfect carry size: worn. Imagine having all your emails and text at your pupil tips, being able to Google a product simply by looking at it in the store, or being able to fully integrate yourself with a GPS so you will never miss happy hour at “Dusty Gozangas Shake Em Sassy” again! Now obviously before you even finish this sentence you have already birthed doubts of such technology in existence, and who could blame you…you think a witch posses your computer and just so happens to be nice enough to gather an odd array of fetish porn for you. But you would be mostly right in thinking this (the tech part, not the witch part….witches don’t exist, only wizards and pixies), the technology needed to accomplish such a feat is well off into the future of pulsating lights and bleepity-bloops. However in just over 2 years pretty good strides have been made in the development of the lens. Take for instance the fact that, unlike my body of supernumerary perfections, the average human eye’s focal point is only good till a few centimeters away from the surface of the eye. This caused a problem, contacts being seated on the eye and all, until some kind of scientist or another developed a way to magnify the “image” to the point of viewing(I’m assuming with arcane magiks). Also, current antenna used in the lens to traffic information only works over a penny’s width distance, but already measures are being taken to correct this. So the blocks are being place and the house will eventually be built, now lets see if any of us are alive when this comes out and we finally have the chance to beam cancer unimpeded directly into our brains.

* sooo made that name up

more boorish details thru the link

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