CM7 to get a taste of ICS

I just stumbled upon some pretty sweet news. It seems that the folks over at Cyanogenmod are already planning to make the jump onto the newest android firmware “Ice Cream Sandwhich” Now i’ve been running the CM7 roms on my phone for some time now and let me tell you… it’s definately transformed my evo into an all around funbox 🙂 With the ability to fully unlock, customize, and really push your phone to it’s limits, CM7 has really made the whole android over apple choice not even a question. (Not that it was even a question before lol)

So for those of you who know what CM is all about, keep a look out for CM9!!! (CM8 is Honeycomb but they won’t be releasing a build) And for those of you who don’t be sure to drop by and find out what your phone can really do.



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