Guess How Many Car Pile-up

Apparently earlier this morning, Hendersonville Tennessee (near Nashville and drunken Country-music lovers), there was an incident on the highway that cause a bit of a car crash. Now I normally don’t do this kind of story but the outcome was a bit too extreme for me to pass up. I’m a professional drunk and general degenerate so I know that a good ‘ol liquoring incites some less than spectacular decisions, and my inner alcoholic is telling me that ALL of these people involved were hard on the bottle when they got up this morning. See what happen was a vehicle was driving(probably at dizzying speeds) through a foggy early-morning highway and smashed right the fuck into the back of a mail truck. Not to be outdone, the driver behind him swerved back and forth (presumably for that “Hollywood” feel) and collided even deeper into the wreckage.
This practice continued in following drivers until, in some sort of NASCAR inspired moment, the 50th and final car crunched his mark into the carnage that lay before him. Oh yes, I did in fact say 50 cars. Not one of these people were engaged enough in safe driving to avoid what most of us see on our regular daily commute.
Now of course They cried out in their defense stating “dense fog” and a “thin layer of ice” were the catalyst for the overachieving vehicular modern art, but I have also used that one before (like I could tell the cop “the guard rail came out of no where, ran into my car and made me spill my booze”)and will not be fooled so easily. Plus in my defense, look at those pictures…not even a fuzzy little visual of fog. Sure you could say “Well they obviously took these pictures later after the fog” When, this afternoon? that was “thick” fog, thick enough for you to not see a mountain of auto-scrap in front of you, multiple times. Do you think it took longer than 2Hrs to respond to a 50 car pile-up on a main Highway? The answer is: NO. Shitfaced, every one of them. There’s my verdict and the judge is my buddy so there! Yep I guess I’ll be seeing a whole bunch of new faces at my court ordered AA meetings. One day people will learn to drive more safely, until then we all have to be on our highest caution and be as vigilant as possible. Now can anyone tell me how to post this with one hand? I can’t seem to text and edit while driving and this asshole in front of me is only going 70. MOVE IT JERK-BAG I GOTTA GET TO THE BAR!

Even after injuring his neck, Tonny kept the role of douche-cock Vette owner

The Right Choice: Between hitting the truck or the fat guy...less damage


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3 thoughts on “Guess How Many Car Pile-up

  1. Heather on said:

    you are an ASSHOLE.

    • Yes, yes I am. Surely there is a special seat for me in hell, probably one with a spiked but-fucker on it and covered in lemon juice. Maybe even with a special guest torturer like that guy from Passion of the Christ or Dora the Explorer. I’ll have them send you tickets in the mail…dress warm, I’ll be in the 9th circle

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