Skyrim Update Does More Harm Than Good

When you have a game that is as big and complex as Skyrim, no doubt hands down there’s going to be bugs. Game devs over time catch wind and fix these bugs, with this exception here of course. Seems that in Bethesda’s rush to release a patch for skyrim it actually went and screwed up the magic resistance mechanics in game. No wait… what’s this? I stand corrected, completely BROKE it all together.

I’ve witnessed quite a few anonnying bugs myself , ones that actually stopped certain quest progression (seems my curiosity and ambition to completely explore and conquer Tamriel is a no no at this point and time). Luckily for me I had started a new character a while back on the pc version because this update seems to only affect the console versions of the game. I had originally started the game on my ps3 but quickly switched platforms once I had experienced skyrim in full 1080p and had a collection of four broken quest. I will definately keep you up to date on this and whether or not the next update  fixes this. So in the mean time my advice to you (if you haven’t f***ed yourself yet) is play offline and don’t update until further notice.


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