Nicholas Cage and the Serbian biology textbook

A truly centered individual

Nicholas Cage is kind of crazy, huh? But he’s sort of an enigma too, in that he can be a great actor. I mean the man won a goddamn Oscar for Leaving Las Vegas and has starred in some brilliant, critically acclaimed films, including Adaptation, Bad Lieutenant; Port of New Orleans and Bringing Out the Dead. He’s also endlessly entertaining in big dumb action flicks like Kick-Ass, Con Air  and the Rock.

So there’s two decent Nic Cage personas, decent, award winning actor, and badass unhinged action man. But there’s also a third Nic Cage. This Nic Cage delivers the goods every time. He seems to realise that he’s in a terrible, awful film and just loses his shit completely. There films are essential viewing, in the ‘its so bad its good’ category. They include such cinematic gems/turds as The Vampire’s Kiss, Face-off and the crowning moment of batshit The Wicker Man remake.  (there’s also a fourth Nic Cage, who stars in boring hollywood blockbusters like Ghost Rider, National Treasure and Knowing, but I tend to ignore him).

What I’m trying to say is, I love the man. The world and cinema would be a poorer place without his stupid, wide eyed mania. He’s also taken on a meme-God like status here on the ol’ series of tubes, with websites like Everyone is Nic Cage and many video YouTube tributes celebrating the gift to acting himself. This is my favourite;

So you can probably imagine my sheer glee when the AV Club reported this story yesterday. For some reason, Serbian biology textbooks between 1993 and 2001 had a stolen image of Nicholas Cage, all big hair and porno-stache’d standing benevolently over Holly Hunter and the baby they stole together in the Coen Brother’s Raising Arizona. All superimposed (poorly) in front of a field of roses, for some reason. So basically the Nicholas Cage meme has become self-aware and clearly developed some kind of retroactive continuity. It has spread thus far back to the 1990s, but this is clearly just the start. Unless we all unite to stop it, Nicholas Cage’s receding hairline and psychotic eyes will be glaring back at us throughout the history of man. He’ll be inscribed on the tombs of Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, portrayed on Early Germanic wood carvings of Saints and spilling out of the first pages of the Guttenberg Printing Press. You have been warned Internet. You have been warned.

Yes, these are biological organisms, but really Serbia?

[AV Club]

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