Kindle Fire Meets CM7

Looks like the folks over at cm have been keeping busy. Amazon had released the source code for the Kindle Fire a couple days back and the cm team is making some pretty damn good progress in porting the cm7 rom over to the newly released tablet. Developer JackpotClavin mentions that the touch controls are off and how they had to modify the menus within Clockwork recovery so that they could choose the correct options for flashing the rom properly. I knew it was only a matter of time before the new Kindle got whacked by the cm train (seeing as how it’s already compatible on well over 50 different devices) but god damn!!

Cyanogen roms I found are by far the best rom you could possibly seduce your phone and/or tablet with. I’ve messed around with other roms but I myself, along with many other Android users just find ourselves going back to the cm7 roms in the end. The customization is just unlimited! You could literally make your phone look, feel, and operate (well somewhat) like other smart phone/tablet  OSes. Not to mention full root access, the ability to remove which ever app you so please, and of course the built in app2sd. Simply put, Cyanogenmod unlocks the android OS to it’s full potential giving you complete control. Hell, don’t just take my word for it, hop over to XDA Forums.

XDA Forums


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3 thoughts on “Kindle Fire Meets CM7

  1. I think i screwed up my KF for good. I roeotd my KF. I was happy with the new look. I then downloaded the aokp_otter_buildM5_0xD34D. I installed it. It got stuck on the teamkang animation boot. I was able to somehow get to the TWRP. I backed up like i everything before the aokp install. I might of formatted EVERYTHING (KF stock ROM). Anyway, the ICS comes up, but now after a reboot, it states unfortunately, ROM control has stopped . I press ok. I went back into TWRP and looked into the restore and there is nothing I can restore back to. I connected the KF with the USB to my PC (windows 7) but nothing happens. Also, I cannot get the market app to download on my KF. I’m basically stuck with this new ICS. I would like it to go back to the basic roeotd KF and not use the ICS ROM. Don’t know if you could help : (

  2. Unfortunately the author that wrote this is no longer here, but from what I know about rooting/restoring and what I could gather on a quick search, you absolutely need to have you PC recognize you KF. See because your on device recovery is gone you need to transfer a trick update file to it so you can install the original system. There being no other way to load files (no sd card slot or what have you). Now this is of course assuming you have no internet capability (being able to try to download the market app confused me a little). If by some chance you do, then here: (obviously the stuff he does on the computer you’d have to try to do thru the Kindle). Other than that I do not know much more…I did mostly PC stuff (with the exception of a couple phones), mobile was KGC area. I can try to contact him, but I can’t guarantee when he will get back to me… but it would be your best chance. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful, hopefully you won’t be SOL with this.

  3. He said that if you plug in the KF to the usb while in recovery it will recognize and you will be able to transfer the files you need. cheers..

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