Woman ‘imprisoned’ by Scientologists for 12 years at sea

We’re a humble blog, here at Black Sheep Codex, mostly because I have no self-esteem and not many people read us (yet). I say this to clarify that I am neither, big, nor clever, and certainly not brave when I say that Scientology is a dangerous, highly stupid and corrupt cult with a higher than average percentage of celebrity members. And though Scientology is infamous for stalking, harassing and smearing their detractors, I doubt they’re going to care about me and my little blog posting. I’m certainly no Operation Clambake for instance. I’m not afraid to voice my opinion, because I’m no-one.

All aboard the crazy... boat!

Anyways, I bring up Scientology because they’re re-entered the news recently because of Valeska Paris, a Switzerland born, Australian citizen, who has recently come forward and claimed that, as a former Scientologist, she was held captive on the Scientologist ship the Free Winds. For 12 goddamn years! She was born into the cult, but her mother spoke out against them, after her husband, self-made millionnaire, Albert Jaquier committed suicide. She claimed that Jaquier had been ‘fleeced’ of his fortune by the “Church” of Scientology, leaving him destitute. After her mother appeared on television denouncing the Church, Valeska Paris, then 18, was whisked away to the Free Winds, for a supposed two-week stay that somehow stretched out to twelve years. For the first six years, she was not even allowed to leave the cruise liner without an ‘escort’, read; handler

“I did not want to be there. I made it clear I did not want to be there and that was considered bad ethics, meaning it was considered not right.”

She also claims to have been forced to do unpleasant, long hours of difficult manual labour in the engine room. Her story has been backed up by another former church member, Ramana Dienes-Browning, who told Australian television;

“She made it very clear she did not want to be there,” she claimed. “She had been sent to the ship so as not to be in contact with one of her parents and that is not what she wanted. She was very, very distressed.”

The Church put out a bullshit statement saying that the Free Winds is a wonderful place blah blah blah, whatever, I’m not impartial. This isn’t CNN.com, deal with it. The ship itself is where the Church conduct all their top level faux-counselling nonsense, called Operating Thetan level VIII. Which is all to do with reincarnated alien spirits dropped into ancient Earth volcanoes from spaceships that totally look like DC-8 planes for some reason, by an intergalactic warlord called Xenu. These spirits are called Thetans and live inside us, causing bad vibes and head colds, I’m pretty sure that’s the deal. Why has Tom Cruise, John Travolta and… aw man, Juliette Lewis, WHY!?…… ahem, why have they subscribed to this shit is beyond me, other than my running theory that fame and fortune turns you crazy.

[The Telegraph]

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