Valve, master trolls, Half-Life 3 deniers


Remember Half Life 2? Of course you do. It was aces. It’s one of the greatest shooters of all time, and reinvented the genre that its very predecessor reinvented back when Doom and Quake ruled PC land. And its made by lovely Valve, the developers of wonderfully whimsical Team Fortress 2, excellent online distribution service Steam and sheer genius, first person puzzlers Portal 1 and 2. They’re the people you can’t be mad at, because they may not understand the concept of a deadline or that buying goddamn hats for Team Fortress characters isn’t something anyone really wants to do, but hell, they’re just too… nice.

But they ain’t perfect. Their plan to release their follow ups to Half Life 2 episodically started out well enough, with a nice slice of Episode 1, but then Episode 2 dragged and dragged, but at least it eventually came out. Episode 3 however, hasn’t even been glimpsed, let alone released. Many doubt Valve have even started it, having abandoned their episodic plans as ‘stupid’. Who really knows though? As for a non episodic bit of Half Life, well there’s no work at all on that either. Until today.

At a game developer conference, someone from the developer Uber Entertainment, spotted this random, anonymous Valve employee sporting a Half Life 3 shirt. He seemed perfectly fine with someone taking a photo of this and sending in across the globe via twitter. As for what this actually means, either Valve is hard at work on the game behind locked doors or they’re trolling the shit out of us. The devils! As usual, only time will tell. I just wanna know what happens to Freeman, Kleiner and Alyx! Is that too much to ask?

[The Escapist]

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3 thoughts on “Valve, master trolls, Half-Life 3 deniers

  1. Dude im totally hard for this shit. I absolutely love half-life and wicked wanna see how it pans out too. Granted id love to have it now, but if they are taking there time for the quality of the series, I can stand to wait a bit more. Who knows maybe they are waiting for the next gen consoles. But I sure wont be let down, I have faith in that.

    • badbabbler on said:

      Oh yeah, I have faith too. Its Valve after all. Like I said, of all the games industry, I’d put my trust in Valve to deliver the goods. And heh, this year they released Portal 2, which was an unrelenting joy from beginning to end.

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