Action RPG by Square-Enix in the Works, No Name Yet

Zorro? …nope. Van Helsing? … ah ah. Castlevania? …Waaaaay off. Will You just f***in tell me already!!! Okay, okay fine. I was surfing the interweb to see if any new sweet ass RPG’s were on the rise and happen to find this. Square-Enix has a new action/rpg in the works and it’s being developed via UnrealEngine 3. Bad ass!!!

I am a huuuuge fan of square-Enix games, especially the Final Fantasy series but lately, in recent releases I find myself playing through they’re newer titles just out of respect for the name. I feel like Hironobu Sakaguchi is just trying way to hard to push out a title that is as unique and as memorable as earlier final fantasys, chronos, etc. Please Japanese game devs for the love a god stop Americanizing JRPGs!!! Final Fantasy XV is already rumored to be an action rpg as well (let’s see how this goes).

With no name in sight, this experimental rpg is still in early stages of developement. I snagged this photo over at a recruitment page that Square-Enix had opened two days ago. Seems like they’re still looking to fill the following positions:

  • Planner (Action) — work on creating the specifications and data for the game’s action, focusing on combat action
  • Planner (Writing) — work on writing the text for the game and scenario
  • Planner (Level) — work on level and field design via UnrealEngine 3, and positioning enemies, items and so-forth
  • Game Programmer — work on areas like camera control and AI
  • Network Programmer — work on such areas as matching and network synchronization during gameplay
  • 3D Graphics Programmer — work on real time 3D graphics realization and optimization
  • Physics Programmer — work on in-game physics simulation and optimization
  • Animation Programmer — work on 3D model animation
  • Art Designer — background art (image and gadgets) and character and enemy art and design
  • Motion Designer — work on game character motion
  • VFX Designer — work on effects for action scenes, cut-scenes and so-forth
  • BG Modeler — work on production of 3D backgrounds, also work on level design through Unreal Engine 3 editor
  • Character Modeler — work on modeling for characters and enemies, taking artwork and going through process of high mesh, modeling, bone, texture and material

We probably won’t be seeing this title hit the shelves any time soon but I am definitely pumped to see what this game has to offer.

[SE Recruitment Page]


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