Gummy Delight

You may have heard about young-ins and other delinquents alike carrying (and subsequently falling south with the police over) alcohol infused gummy bears. It was on a bunch of news channels and blah blah blah cuz I don’t watch the news. Now Im no stranger to nefarious ways of distributing booze into my system, nor am I foreign to delicious candy, but somehow when ever I tried to get this little tactic across I just ended up sitting at the table pounding the bottle of vodka as I tossed the gummy bears into my mouth-hole. Luckily Brent Rose over at Gizmodo had just enough self-control to take on the experiment…but totally not enough to keep to just one booze. You can read the first-person review thru the source link, and I would suggest it for anyone willing to try this endeavor(mine are already marinating in the fridge). Basically it’s as simple as:

  • putting gummys in a container
  • filling said container with liquor of choice(covering gummys)
  • keep in fridge for 3-5 days
  • eat while chilled

Simple enough, and it’s also noted that they aren’t really all that good by themselves, but I think if they are part of a greater booze injected spread your party will be a hit. welcome to the dreams of a hobo.


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