Wooden mirror

Hey gang, just wanted to say if you ever have the choice to have the type of day I just did…don’t. So sorry for the late post, but it’s the first opportunity I have had all day, so here goes. Wood, you know it well, it surrounds us in our daily lives with almost every glance we take. We know the texture of it, the smell, the color, even the taste all by heart as if it were the most base of things to know. Up until metal stole the spotlight out from wood (and just before plastic came and flooded the world with mediocrity we just can’t live without, like a cocaine fueled actor) wood was the cats ass, which contrary to the sound of the phrase is a great thing to be. One thing we know well about wood is that it is about as reflective as a fart in the ER, so making a mirror out of it would be crazy….except if you’re Daniel Rozin, NYU Professor/Artist, in which case crazy turns into eccentric which then makes you some sort of artistic centurion fighting the scourge of conformity. Daniel used the lacking reflective properties of wood to create the illusion of a reflection in a process known as fucking magic, or more sanely known as a optic-driven servo-grid. The whole board is made of over 800 wooden tiles mounted to servo-motors with spot lamp mounted above pointing downward. Each little square block tilts in a range of 120° which alters the amount of light captured from the lamp by the tile, directly proportionate to the perceived “shade” produces. At the center of the board is a tiny camera(just like the one in your bedroom) that captures the image in front of it and thru a magical incantation I’m being told is a “processor board” aligns all tiles to reflect the right shades creating a replicant image, or psuedo-doppleganger if you will. It’s a pretty neat set-up, tho I believe it should have tad bit smaller tiles to create a higher resolution image, because..you know, size isn’t everything…. I never knew there could be more fun squeezed out of wood than Jenga or Hobo-stick(it’s pretty much exactly what you’re thinking it is), but I was sure wrong whats next some sort of paper battery….shameless self-promotion I know…


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