Tripple X hits the web

Remember way back when I had mentioned the creation of adult web-classification using a “.xxx” domain?. Well personal Registrations opened yesterday at 11am and if you havent already registered “” you better hurry up as they are first come first serve.Registrations arent cheap tho, so don’t think you’ll be getting them for $5 like a regular old dotcom, you’re looking to dish out anywhere from $100-$150.  These triple x sites are <acronym title=”The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers “>ICANN</acronym>’s way of segregating awesomesauce pr0n sites from the rest of the internet, like a red light district of the interwebz or a “please baby I’ll do anything for one more bump” digital Cindy.

“While adult entertainment is enjoyable to many adults, it is not appropriate for all audiences. We created .XXX to address the unique needs of the online adult entertainment industry,The public response has been overwhelming as consumers and the adult entertainment providers are excited about the benefits and infinite possibilities of .XXX.” Stuart Lawley, CEO of ICM Registry

Now obviously not everybody is excited about the change. Many small(heheheh) adult business owners say it just adds to the cost of operating and will ultimately drive some to close up shop(legs?). So obviously my friends we have a lot of research to do for the benefit all mankind, get your candles, damp towels, and lubricant of choice ready…it’s gonna be a long and hard night(I’ll take my writer of the year award now thank you).


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