Game Breaking Bug Found In Skyward Sword




Dammit Nintendo! You F***ED me in Twilight Princess and now you F***ED me in Skyward Sword as well. I have been playing through Nintendo’s new Zelda title for quite some time now (prob about 25 – 30 hrs or so…) and for what? Just to find out that my game saves f***ed and I have to start all over again? That’s some bullshit! 

I’ve probably wasted about a good two hours running around aimlessly trying to figure what the f*** to do next. Two wii motes (I smashed that shit!) and a pack of cigs later, I finally admitted defeat and figured i’d google what it is I had to do next. Well… There is NO F***IN NEXT!!! It turns out that there’s a huge bug in Skyward Sword. At some point in the game, you’ll be given the option to visit the Thunder, Fire, or Water Dragon dungeons. If you travel to the Thunder Dragon first and then speak with a certain Goron, your game will be forever frozen at that point and the events for the other two areas will not begin correctly. (Face Explodes) You have got to be kidding me. Why even let me have the freedom of choosing which dragon dungeon to go to (apparently there’s no set order) if your just going to f*** my shit up!

Nintendo’s Sharon Matheny apologized for the glitch and explains what to do (or in my case not to do). One of the solutions being to obtain the Fire and Water Dragon’s Song first. Go figure I would be one of those shit bags that chose the wrong song to go after first. Bugs like these really urk me. How do you miss something huge like that? … But anyway, just wanted to give the heads up that yet another new release has a major bug. Be sure to back up your saves to SD just to be on the safe side and hopefully your not one of the 33% that made the wrong choice…





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