Telemarketers suck, so do their robots

I don’t know….wait, yes I do…I know you hate telemarketers too, I mean lets face it even telemarketers wanna shoot the bastard at the other end of the phone call interrupting their dinner. Even worse than them are the tele-bots that just sit there all emotionless and inanimate dialing thru a list of pre-programmed “FU” calls, you can’t even yell at them…because they have no hearts and therefore won’t cry. Well thankfully back in 2009 the FTC banned the bots from targeting your cell phones with their unwitting rage towards your privacy. However, against all things good in this world, a bill has been proposed to the House of Representatives that would allow bots to make a full assault on your mobile, leaving you with no place left to hold your mental health intact. The Mobile Informational Call Act of 2011, gives “certain businesses and bill collectors permission to robo-blast your cell phone.” which I translate as “everyone ever will cyborg the shit out of your mobile with adverts and other annoyances alike”. Need proof this will go bad? Financial institutions, utility companies, airlines and loan servicing companies are just some of the maniacal industries backing this bill. There are currently 53 Attorney Generals fighting against the bill according to the source page…but that’s more than there are states…so I think they just wrote that piss poorly and meant to say there was only one(commas make a world of difference). So If you are a human being and enjoy being happy, I would suggest contacting you elected official and letting him/her know that. Secondly I would suggest a bottle of fine scotch and a wet paper-towel filled with rancid fecal blobs, fling said article at any and all supporters for this bill.


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