12 Pack Pixel Art

Check out this neat pic of Mario and a 1 up mushroom that’s made up of several different types of 12 pack soda boxes. I love pixel art! From back in my mario paint days, all the way to my recent Minecraft expeditions. There’s nothing like making a giant 8-bit Nintendo character out of foreign objects. when I first started a file in minecraft, my world was quickly taken over by huge pixel characters from all my favorite Retro games such as Final Fantasy, Zelda, Megaman, Metroid, etc. There’s is just some kind of inner joy you get upon completing these 8 bit landmarks , so l can just imagine the erection that this Stop & shop stock boy got when he had added the last piece, stepped back and just gazed at this carbonated masterpiece lol

[Funny Junk]

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One thought on “12 Pack Pixel Art

  1. FMAYahsa12 on said:

    that store…is epic.

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