Scientists use Dead Sea Microbe to Track Brain Activitity

Scientist, the wizards of todays society, have yet again done something magnificent that we can barely understand. Harvard University’s Adam Cohen, biophysicist, led a team of other smart people in research and development of a possible new avenue of electrical-sensing proteins for brain activity(my brain has no activity anymore after processing that). As singular as the function may be, the outcome could affect many different areas of modern medical science and help lead the way toward better and faster care for patients. Dead sea bacteria Halorubrum sodomense has a protein called archaerhodopsin-3 that is fluorescent and is more accurately measured than current sensing proteins when hit with laser-light then viewed with a charge-coupled device. Go ahead take a breather, you deserve it…………………….now not a bit of the article says whether or not this affects me directly within any workable amount of time, in fact the whole article’s informational delivery can be summed up in its last quote:

“Microbial rhodopsin [protein]–based voltage indicators promise to enable optical interrogation of complex neural circuits and electrophysiology in systems for which electrode-based techniques are challenging,”

Riveting stuff huh?, well anyway lets see where this goes and hope it comes in time for my inevitable neurological brain disorders cause by my severe overload of awesomeness….yes I tell myself that every night….no I don’t think it’s “a bit much”…she can’t tell me to shut up cuz she left me so there!..oh god…so lonely….*cries*


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