Robin Williams and the Princess

This is a quickie but you might feel a small feeling of enlightenment and a newfound respect for Robin Williams, funny man and general annoyance all around. But what you might not know about Robin is that he named his daughter Zelda, and she’s not named after F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife, he named her after the princess….and it was no coincidence.

“From what I’ve been told, they were playing Zelda when my mom was pregnant with me. I think they just liked the name for a little girl, and it’s a princess as well.”-Zelda Williams
Robin, 60, has confirmed he named his daughter after the original game in the hugely popular series
So yeah, Like him a little more now? No? How about his sick beard? still no? well I tried. Heres two videos that are ads for Zelda(the game) featuring Zelda(the person). Then one with Father and Daughter talking about the game and junk.

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