Bypass Internet Censorship

stress....or she isn't as drunk as when I picked her up

Hey all! What a friggin hectic week it’s been. Id rather have my ball ripped off by a panther (again). Wellanywho, Im still in big ass Texas and Im working my ass off and still hating it with a rum downing anger. It’s looking like I’ll be able to be back in action after Xmas, although business is going so “well” here that I may have to come back out for a second trip, which if you haven’t put together yet is total suckballs of monkey-fucking Mike Tyson caliber. But if you hope and pray (and pay me lots of money so I can quit) I may be able to say home and keep you satisfied, better than I make my girlfriend….well KGC’s. So anyway let us proceed.

SOPA, it’s garbage. It,’s strangling the neck of what should be the free and open internet. The SOPA bill, currently proposed in congress, would ban sites found to have “Pirated” copy-written content by cutting off your access to the site as you damn well should be able to. The Government will block the domain name with a big “FU” banner and you will have to go back to the caveman days of recording a movie on a camcorder or fapping away to a legally bought porn DVD (I just threw up a little). This bill isn’t in play yet obviously, but odds are good it’ll pass since the country is run by the corporations. there is one sign of light in the hole of piretic(totally made that up, Thats right ladies, I’m single) solitude. DeSOPA is a Firefox add-on that bypasses the Domain entirely. See the ban wouldn’t block the IP address of the site, so DeSOPA grabs that for you, does some black magic via off-shore servers, and dishes back the IP content via a separate URL. So essentially you can go on with your everyday scumbaggery unimpeded….tho now that this is out on the internet, who knows if they will change that. But do yourself a favor and try to stop the bill before it goes thru, I rent ninjas for like dirt cheap, extra $100 gets you a happy ending.

DeSOPA found here:[DeSOPA]

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3 thoughts on “Bypass Internet Censorship

  1. Stephanie on said:

    This while SOPA thing is crazy and a terrible acronym since it translates as soup.

  2. We didn’t get much this year in pdx, and I’m ok with that.Seattle had to issue a state of emergency, the state where eveyorne has a four wheel drive and no one can drive in the snow.Your snow is my favorite snow 🙂

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