Howdy friends, stumbled across this neato Legos creation by a dude calling himself Derjoe (derpin joe maybe?), and I friggin love Legos. This here is a recreation of one of the beginning scenes from the first MadMax flic where Mel Gibson is ready to put the psychotic 5-0 hurt on anyone who passes his speed trap, much like the cops in NYC.

MadMax was Mel Gibson’s first breakthrough film (and he got the role by accident after he got into a bar fight, true story) and is one of the coolest films ever. Sure it doesn’t quite stand the test of time fully but it still holds a precious spot in the hearts of any dystopian/post-apocalyptic sci-fi lover. The Lego build is relatively impressive, mostly getting points for throwback reference, and even has the correct build on the Ford Falcon that Max rides like the pale horse of death.

Anyway, its cool so look at the pics, and if you create Legart yourself go ahead and send it our way at, if it’s good ill definately post it up(note: no Lego lady parts…had a bad experience once and….well okay send it anyway).




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