802.11ac magik devices to be revealed at CES

Hi everybody, Hope everything has been super fantastic fun time since we last parted. I had a great blackout Xmas weekend….totally didn’t drink…not at all….and totally didn’t take advantage of someone else’s drunkardness….so call off the civil-suit darlin. Anywhoooo it’s time for news!!!! 802.11ac, it’s the next evolution in WLAN (WIFI) and it’s totally awesome. Capable of a throughput of over 1Gbs, which is 3x’s more than the top 802.11n router of today. The system is capable of transmitting 3 HD videos simultaneously, so your wife can watch some shit reality show while your kid watches some Disney rhetoric, and finally you can sit down and enjoy some classy porn….all at the same time!! The standard probably wont be accepted by the WIFI Alliance until mid next year, because God knows you don’t put a new whore out on the street till you have thoroughly sampled the goods(if that’s too much for you replace “whore” with “girlsscout”). There are multiple manufacturers with announcements to release 802.11ac products including Buffalo, Redpipe, Quantenna, and Broadcom (aswell as the popular guys too Im sure). Also there’s speculation that 802.11ad might be given a sneak peek, which will have throughput capable of 4Gbs!!!!! You know that spinal shock you get when you sit on a cold toilet seat, that just happened in my pants…..Tech boner!!


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