The Calendar, Reinvented

Have you ever thought to yourself “Man the calendar should be reinvented”? No you never have…unless that sentence was finished with “to include a new day off…funday” or spoken on a day you just missed out on a three-day weekend. Well Some smarty pants-es over at Johns Hopkins University took the thought to the next level: actually inventing a new calendar. This isn’t some little “I added green peppers to the soup this time” change either, it’s a “I shaved my head to the shape of a whale dong and tattooed a mural of Justin Bieber on my ass” type change. The Hanke-Henry Permanent Calendar (named for the egotistical inventors of course) suggests a format where a date would land on the same day of the week every year. The crazy calendar keeps the same 12 months but rearranges the number of days in them a bit to make each quarter 91 days long (2-30day months and a 31day month) so some of the long months have change around and February becomes a regular full-grown post-pubescent month. Now I know what you’re saying, “It can’t be exact CF, that’s why we have leap years!”, well you’re right, and this new calendar still has one of sorts, it’s in the form of a 6th week in December on years figured out by this formula:

subroutine figure(iyear,newton) ! if newton = 1 then the year contains a Xtr (or Extra) Week
do i=iyear-1,iyear
end do
end subroutine

Which if my calculations are correct is [fake presses buttons on calculator while looking up on source page]roughly every 5 or 6 years. Also there’s an easier way to figure it out, if the Gregorian calendar starts or ends on a Thursday that year is a year with the extra week (great start, having to use the old calendar to figure out the proposed one). The whole point of this is to try to ease the impact of a “rotating” calendar on the business community as well as set an easier method for future planning of events. Oh and by the way they also are proposing we switch to a universal 24-hour format everywhere and drop the time zones, which I find totally friggin nuts since [part of]the reason for the zones is to easily paint an imagery of the time when spoken (ie: 2:00pm/14:00 will be daylight no matter where in the world you are, under the proposed system…it could be anything).

weird ass calendar and now THIS!?!?

Honestly I don’t much care much if the calendar changes because both my Birthday and Saint Patrick’s Day land on a Saturday…which gives me ample time to wake up and fight the demon headache I would have created through alcohol and idle ignorance before work on Monday. BRING IT ON!!!

Tons more info on the calendar’s page

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