Drug Resistant TB

on a 45 minute break from a long and arduous conference call so I figured I’d put a little news up for you guys, and my my how disturbing it is. So who here knows what TB is? You in the white hat…..no it’s not a Touch-back, I said disturbing news. Goth lady?…No it’s not Tim Burton, good guess tho. How about you, yes the one with the blood covered hankercheif…..Correct! it’s Tuberculosis. For those of you whom don’t know what tuberculosis is and are too lazy to go Wiki it, TB is a disease where bacteria set up shop in your lungs and party until you drown in your own blood like Doc Holiday(baddest mother f***er ever). The old school name for it was consumption…don’t no why, apparently they didn’t do much of that back then, but don’t be fooled, TB is serious. It is pretty common, it varies depending on your location but here in the States it’s 5-10% of the population (Africa is like 80% throughout so we are doin alright). Now most hosts are holding a dormant (or benign if your smart) disease, but 10% of those hosts go active eventually and 50% of those cases will die if not acted upon straight away. So yeah serious shit. Oh and by the by…it’s passed thru air.

"would you like a tissue...or how about this punch in the face"

I myself have dormant TB, and it’s an odd thing waiting to die….okay that’s a bit exaggerated, usually if you stay on top of it and get treatment as soon as you see it starting to bloom you’ll be just fine. Enter TDR-TB, the new strain of Tuberculosis that is completely drug resistant and (with enough time) will surely kill you. This new death-machine is of course the result of poor medical shenanigans.

“Our last study on prescribing practices of private practitioners in the treatment of TB patients showed that only five of 106 private practitioners wrote the correct prescription for treating TB,” said Dr Zarir F Udwadia, chest physician at PD Hinduja Hospital who led the study. The hospital detected extreme drug resistant (XDR) TB cases five years ago.

Till November 2011, the hospital got four TB patients resistant to all first-line (Isoniazid, Rifampicin, Ethambutol, Pyrazinamide and Streptomycin) and second-line (Ofloxacin, Moxifloxacin, Kanamycin, Amikacin, Capreomycin, Para-aminosalicylic acid and Ethionamide) drugs.

“After thoroughly checking their prescriptions, we found that three of them had received erratic and unsupervised second-line drugs. They were often given in incorrect doses by multiple private practitioners to cure their multi-drug resistant (MDR) TB,” Dr Udwadia said. “The mortality rate of MDR, XDR and TDR-TB is 30%, 60% and 100% respectively.”

100% lethal, that’s better than the self-aware kill-bots of the future (they are coming). The bastard is growing at the rate of Pinocchio “nose” at a puppetry burlesque show (yeah im sure they still exist) and you are it’s next target…well in a round about “I’m hoping to jump into every person in the world” sort of way. So Id’s suggest going to get yourself checked….oh and don’t go to India or mid-Africa because the stuff is just ballooning there, your nearly guaranteed to die a horrible and slow death.


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