Mark Wahlberg is a douche, could have stopped 9/11

This came to my attention yesterday, in spite of an internet wide protest that rendered vital services like WordPress unavailable for the day (which reminds me you should totally hit this LINK). SOPA is obviously important and you guys should really sign this. I won’t reiterate why, since CatastroFUCK did so yesterday, but let me just say; do it for me. I can’t sign it. I’m not an American. But I surf the internet and enjoy the freedoms and choice it provides me. It pisses me off that just because I don’t live in your country, I have no way to protest. But heh, if life was fair I’d be millionaire getting a blowjob from Eliza Duskhu, so whatevs. SIGN IT!

The information that managed to slither through the blackouts and filters concerns Hollywood plank of wood, Mark Wahlberg. Marky Mark isn’t the most interesting actor in the world. Have you seen the Happening? He also ruined Max Payne, but give him a small enough role and the right material and he can make it work well enough. See; Boogie Nights or the Departed. He wasn’t on my radar. He was a boring average actor.

So thank God the man has done all he can to help me change my opinion! Recently in an interview in Men’s Journal, Marky Mark has been talking about 9/11, or specifically how he was originally supposed to be one one of the doomed flights that was used that day to commit mass murder. Instead, he and his children boarded and earlier flight so Mark could head up the Toronto film festival. But had Wullyberg been there, shit wonldn’a gone down the same!

“If I was on that plane with my kids, it wouldn’t have went down like it did. There would have been a lot of blood in that first-class cabin and then me saying, ‘OK, we’re going to land somewhere safely, don’t worry.’”

Because as well as being an action star in reality, Mark Wahlberg is apparently a commercial airline pilot.

Never mind the fact that Mark Wahlberg is saying that he is braver than all those cowardly people who died that day, he is also looking back with hindsight not available at the time. 9/11 wasn’t only shocking for its death toll and destruction, but for how unprecidented the event was. Sure, sometimes terrorists blew up airliners, sometimes hijacked them, but those instances often led to the plan landing safely and hostages being taken for demands to be met. Turning those planes into missiles was a new phenomenon. Marky Mark would have sat, shitting himself and praying like everyone else, because that was what you did. That was their best chance for survival.

I’m also really happy with the ‘lot of blood in first class’ comment, which shows that Wahlberg is really off his shit. There was plenty of blood in first class that day, when they hijackers slashed the throats of stewardesses and passengers who got in their way and then brutally murdered the pilots. This is the kind of armchair hero bullshit I’ve come to expect from events like this. I understand the whole mentality behind it. I have such thoughts myself. The whole; ‘If I was there it would have been different’ idea isn’t new. We all feel that way. Its just most of us have the decency to understand that such ideas are fantasy, not reality.

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5 thoughts on “Mark Wahlberg is a douche, could have stopped 9/11

  1. Anonymous on said:

    I agree…he is a douche and even worse is his brother Jim Wahlberg.

  2. Scott on said:

    What a half assed retarded article. This fool took everything out of context. Articles like this are a waste of time and should not be allowed to be posted. We are all a little more dulled and stupid for reading this BS. Shame on you arshole!

    • Fumofuu on said:

      The context may have been blown out or Marky Mark may have just been ruffling his perfectly toned feathers, but in either situation it doesn’t change that this article is an opinion of one person from what ever information they had stumble across their pupils. For instance I personally enjoy the Walhlberg and look forward to taking a few whiskey shots with him, and maybe save an animal or two. But all people are allowed to express their opinion (especially on the internet), as you have certainly taken full advantage of in proclaiming your disgust for the post and it’s author. I’d also like to add that you did the correct thing by commenting your concerns….however I would suggest you make your argument a little more..eloquent..if you really want people to take it seriously, unfortunately “you’re stupid and dumb” just doesn’t drive the point home. I cant really speak for the people who run the site, but in most cases they would encourage civilized debate in the comment section, as they obviously value the personal opinion of individuals in running such a site.

      aside I’d like to say good work BlackSheepCodex! Your mixture of subjects (and writing styles) always keeps me interested!!

  3. wow….hell of a comment. It is indeed true that we encourage comments…We love to hear what people are thinking, it helps us grow as a website….okay I lied, we never grow up…we are like little kid vampires or the lost boys stuck in perpetual immaturity. But we do love comments! By the by I also am pro Marky Mark, And I havent heard from BadBabbler since this article so I think Marky might have killed him…..Scott are you really just M.M. trying to piss on your victims grave? Badass as ever.

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