Sony SteamPunk Laptop

I was going to write about a Holographic display that should be coming forward relatively soon, but the connection to the source site isn’t working…and being the stand up guy I am, I won’t write the article without sourcing the page (read: I can’t remember all of the technical specs and mumbo-jumbo). So instead you get SteamPunk, because it still has a place in my heart…even if it’s old (does that count as a pun?). This little Victorian Sony Viao F laptop was built by John Dunn, crafter artisan and possibly prominent Wheel Clan Dwarf (I swear if any of you know where that’s from of the top of your head I will squeal with delight), and made from birch plywood, pine wood, copper, brass, sweat, tears, drool, and sex appeal (he had to have dump it all somewhere, amarite?). Jealous? Well you too could own one of these bad boys. just buy the “eCog Mercury” kit from Dunn for $1,250.00 and you too could be hip like the Geek-squad. I know what your thinking “thats not too bad considering it’s a Viao F”, well let me stop your pleasant sugarplum dreams right there! That’s just the price for the kit, you supply your own Viao. There is WAY more info I wasn’t willing to read Here if you’re actually interested in this. I’m not, as frankly I have seen better for less and would only even consider it if it came with a marbled keyboard guard.


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2 thoughts on “Sony SteamPunk Laptop

  1. Stephanie on said:

    If I could afford this I’d probably buy it. It’s pretty awesome.

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