Vehicular Carnage Courtesy of Twisted Metal

Howdy friends! I got out of work a bit early it being Super Bowl Sunday and all so I thought I would come visit you. The problem with that of course is that it’s Super Bowl Sunday and I will be watching that f***er. So I tried to think of something short yet indulgent for you (by the by you all voted against more drunkard chronicle,…so you’re welcome) but couldn’t and was about to unload some obscure bullshit when I remembered that just the other night I had watched a nice porn video on the soon to be released video game sequel Twisted Metal.

Below I’m going to post a link(haven’t had time to extract it yet) the video demo from GameSpot, but be warned there are Spoilers as it is a play-through of the first hour of Sweet Tooth’s story arc. Now I am a big fan of the series, grew up playing these polite and harmless games, but there are some big differences one of my fandom will have to get over in order to join the new installment. (***SPOILERS***….sorta anyway) Now first off, and this is mostly a personal thing, after watching thru half of the video you will realize that they are going with the story line that Sweet Tooth’s real name is in fact Marcus Kane. Like I said I’m a fan, so I know that Sweet Tooth is his media name and the name of the vehicle…not the driver, but I also know that his name in the original and all subsequent games barring the last one…and a half (I’ll get to that) was Needles Kane…which is sooo totally more badass than Marcus. Marcus was a deranged hobo whom battled against Sweet Tooth (and then against Dark Tooth, presumably Charlie Kane). Marcus was also assumed to be the other son of Charlie Kane (yellowjacket, and Needles’ father) whom piloted Charlie like a remote-controlled paterfamilias in TM:Black. The two brothers battling in the same competition at the same time. Now they can get away with this for two reasons:

  1. The whole game of Twisted Metal Black was based “in an alternate reality” right from the get go, straight from the developers mouth(s). and if you watch Minion’s(driven by what is eventually revealed to be Marcus Kane) loading screens it is written in a basic code that, when translated, says this:
    I do not think this is real.
    I must speak in code or he will discover me.
    We are trapped in his head.
    This is how he sees the world, how Sweet Tooth sees his life, it is not real.
    All of us are trapped in his head.
    I miss the old colorful world.
    We will return to old world one day.
    In the real world my name is Marcus Kane.
    which alludes to the whole game being an illusion, this is then made cannon in the sequel “Head ON” when Calypso tells Marcus that it is all in his head and he is actually the split personality of Needles Kane.
  2. They can say whatever the hell they please cuz they are making it and you are buying it, shut up

Still I don’t like how they made it so Marcus battles Sweet Tooth in the 2nd one….anyway, another difference in the new game is that any character can drive any vehicle, they are no longer specific to the story lines. This is cool for those who have difficulty with the harder cars to beat the game with, but kinda takes away from those of us whom were adaptable enough to do just that (plus I don’t think anyone but Needles/Marcus should be allowed to step foot into the “you scream truck”). A third change to get around would be how the stories play out as you progress thru the game. The layout is similar to Black, where you get an introductory cutsceene then play a few levels before an intermission cutsceene, play a few more levels and get the final cutsceene. The big difference is that you cannot choose your character, you must play in sequence…so first you play as Sweet Tooth then as the next character followed by another and so on. This forces you to play as people you might not care about, but for all we know this might be integral to the unfolding plots of later characters, so we just kinda have to get over it. The final difference that I am gonna talk about cuz my fingers are getting tired(read: it’s close to game time) is the endings, supposedly there is going to be a different ending for each difficulty level. This makes up for there being only 3 or 4 (unconfirmed which yet) playable characters, but adds the aggravation of having to replay just to get a new ending for someone you already won with. Again, it’s a give and take tho. No matter what I will be getting this game and I will be pausing Skyrim (yes Im still playing it) for it. So is anyone else as excited as Me?

Link to vid:[GameSpot]
and just for fun:[Twisted Metal Wiki]

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