Most Awesome College Ad in the History of Everdom

Do you love college?  nope…no you don’t. Even worse than college are those crappy ads with horrific acting and real students whom are curiously over-excited about paying to have your free time depleted to nothing (strangely enough in direct proportion to your account balance). Well I stumbled across a pretty sweet ad for a college in Australia, the Central Institute of Technology. Go watch it now so I can talk about it without doing this: [SPOILERS!!]. Aww shit you made me do it anyway, you sneaky buggar… ARE YOU A JEDI?!?!?! Stop your mind tricks!!!! I swear if you don’t get out of there I’m going to start thinking of my 400lb neighbor doing fat hip thrusts naked. That’s right telepathically walk away. Now then go watch the vid I’ll be waiting…………………………………………………..Did you see that shit!?! pretty funny, I liked it. Now the source page (Gizmodo) tells you it’s a real ad for the school, which is perfectly possible, but I think it’s more of a spoof done independently since Henry and Aaron (the stars) are more of a comic duo, like Britanick or the Jonas Brothers. Pretty nicely done tho, perhaps I will check out more of their stuff and let you know…. oooooooorrrrrr you could just hit the link at the end of the article and stop being so lazy and check them out yourself. Yeah, do that, I’m way to busy with important garbage to be holding your hand thru the internet, besides how do I know where your hand has been? Probably in the cookie jar because I didn’t eat all of those myself, so give ’em back! Hey I didn’t have fudge……



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