I’ll give ya a quickie

Hello All!!! (read: people still in the subscription loop). I just wanted to let you know I am in the process of gathering resources for the site again….Im basically starting over, but I get an A for effort. Really tho, If I can cheat and swindle enough time and, most of all, writers (supermodel slaves preferably) to restore the site, I WILL be stirring the socially hot-wired chum soup that is your brains with some sweet chunks of awesome. There has been a lot of luscious news that I have missed in my working class required overtime and I feel just terrible how dumb you have gotten without me to feed your news barren minds. As much of an ego inflated over-statement that might be, I sincerely do miss this… and the perks that come along with it (Business account benefits in integrated cloud storage alone are worth it, forget the bragging right that get me free drinks!). So anywho, just wanted to keep the flock out of the dark, I get writers: you get articles/smiles/inappropriate excitement. Until then have fun with the random button over there ā†’, quite a bit of it is still newsworthy… Because we are just that great here!

-Site Deity,

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2 thoughts on “I’ll give ya a quickie

  1. I welcome you gladly back… my inbox has been just filthy nude girls so might need something to read šŸ™‚

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