Mysteries are fun!!! (please fall for it)

What’s up lurkers. I am totally not hungover today, and totally didn’t start a fire because it was the only way to get the “female party assistants” out of their dressing room before they were “presentable”. Hopefully your weekend is going just as pleasantly as mine. So this past week I was having a conversation with the marketing department head from ********, the company that has the ground breaking innovation that is the ******** and will radically change the way you use *********. Okay yes that’s annoying… probably about as much as 43 pubescent boys singing that God-awful Cee-Lo Green song in synchronous *shutter*, but I promised I would say nothing to hype up the product ahead of time. What I CAN tell you is that later this year I will have some really really cool tech news for you guys, so much so that you’ll be tenting out at your computers just to pre-order it when first available. “Why?” you ask… I don’t know, perhaps the idea of setting a reminder or notification slipped your feeble little mind. Really tho, it’s gonna change a certain section of technology forever, and according to what the marketing DH was telling me, it should come out with force.

So, until which time I may distribute the info on aforementioned product, I will try to come up with something reasonable for you to day-dream about. Such as:

  • New ZOE (Zone Of the Enders) sequel, “Ender’s Project”, was announced. It’s in early development and looks like there is a new head producer on board, but Still all fans of the series are super excited by the news [concept pics thru link]
  • David Thorne, satirical humorist extraordinaire and (forgivingly so) Australian, has a new book out. If you don’t know who he is, you should. The man makes mischief thru correspondence and then posts them for your pleasure on his site [27b/6] and occasionally makes a best-selling book with the scraps. Here is a LINK to a post about how he had to change the second books cover photo to what it is today, it’s also a good representation of what you would read within.
  • E-mart, the Walmart of Korea, has started a new promotion to boost noon-time sales. What’s so news-worthy about it? It uses a sun calibrated QR code to do it. QR code are big…like unjustifiably big, so this one uses a 3D construct on a bord to cast a controlled QR coded shadow between 12pm and 1pm, allowing you to get special discounted prices only at that time. Think it’ll be long before we start seeing this around our store fronts? [vid after link]

Indeed there seems to be something for everyone out there…but I simply don’t have the time or attention span to cover it just yet. So until I get a few writers, lets just keep it….OHHH look at that! an ad for a laser-guided chicken launcher! I’ve always wanted to fire roasted breast into my mouth!!!! OH! and there’s an enlarging supplemental nutrition pill! ORDER NOW!!!!! *click**click**click**click**click**click**click**click**click*

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2 thoughts on “Mysteries are fun!!! (please fall for it)

  1. hmmm, the artwork for Zoe looks really interesting, let’s see if they can make a good game though… should do… buy on laser guided chicken launcher for me as well will ya… a must have in the home. 😀

    • I dont know how anyone lives without it!!!! Precision chickens for your everyday needs! ..But yeah, Zoe has a big hole to fill in gamer’s hearts (the only supplements being the Animes since the sequel, 2nd Runner) but I have faith in the Kojima regime.

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