Im So F***in Scared Right Now

Hey guys!!!!! I’m going to take a break from my super busy and totally sexy life (yes it’s all lies) to put a few thing up here on the page, just so you know I’m not dead. By the by, right after this I’m jumping back on a game I recently reignited in to my leisure furnace: Amnesia: the Dark Decent. It’s not a new title or anything but it is by far the scariest game I have ever played…like middle of the day with people around crapping my pants scary, if you like that kind of junk you should go get this game right now. I’ll leave a trailer at the end of this post so you can get the feel of it, oh and please don’t pirate it…it’s made by a small company and they need the cash if they are going to create more awesome games. Aaaaannyyywhoooo I still have a super busy sched, but I thought I’d throw a couple of things that are still rumbling around my head at you, encase you spent sometime under a rock. Now that I have refilled my vodka tonic (hold the tonic) I’m ready to type! Oh and I won’t be doing a link to the whole Tomb Raider sexual assault controversy but I will say this:

grow the f**k up, there are reasons for the rating system…so if there is mature content in a mature game and you’re shocked, please apply a liberal about of shotgun blasts to your face. Now then:

  • The Pirate Bay is a step ahead of Europe when it comes to evading their shutdown. See The UK and Netherlands governments are a little more proactive in trying to shut down the infamous torrent site. See they have been blocking TPB’s IP addresses, TPB then responding by changing their IP, immediately followed by that IP being added to the block list. TPB was bound to run out of addresses (being active for so long on the allotted amount already) and the brass would be all smiles and drinking tea while minding the Euro cup-or whatever. Except that TPB was just enrolled in the new roll-out of IPv6 and scored itself 18,446,744,073,709,551,616 more IP addresses. TPB one, Fuzz nothing.
  • Simon Crosby thinks he is special and can top all built in security features of your browser, and even worse…he’s probably right. Simon Crosby is known for flaming big tech companies for their “inadequacies”, but he is also known for creating the Xen hypervisor — the open source software that helps run virtual machines across Amazon’s massively popular cloud service and so many other online operations…so he isn’t exactly an idiot-moron who just likes to hear his own voice. Now if you didn’t know browsers (and Chrome especial) build themselves to help protect your computer from the nasty dirty whore called the internet. Surprised? why…they need you to surf after all, but yes it usually isn’t enough. So Crosby has a new virtualization software that is supposed to protect your whole system by putting all applications in their own safe-room. Check the jump to read more about the cool built-in security features of your browser (strongly suggested) or to see more on Bromium (Crosbies company).
  • Agni’s Philosophy is a tech demo of the future of gaming, specifically Final Fantasy’s (but not stopping there). The best thing about this demonstration it’s in REAL TIME, I’ll put the tech demo vid down below….go watch it now….FRIGGIN AWESOME ISN’T IT!?!?!? There really isn’t much I can say about this except “hurry up and get a game in my hands”. Jump the link to read a little more about the amazing E3 reveal.

okay that’s it for now cuz I have to play video games to increase my attractiveness to females… it working….call me *tears*. Right let me know what you think of stuff and blah blah…later my minions!.


Amnesia(by the way, sequel in the works):

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10 thoughts on “Im So F***in Scared Right Now

  1. good to have you back…

    • I try man I really do, one day I will hit the lotto and be able to dedicate 4…maybe 5 hours to writing. See I didn’t want to lie, if I won a good majority of my day would be drinking or torturing my current boss….or a pleasant combination of both

  2. Jeez how I wish most of that hadn’t gone right over my head! And speaking of things I don’t get, why in hell’s bells hasn’t WP sent me an email “new post” notification from you since May 28th?!?! Your side bar still says I’m subscribed… I’ll try “un-following” you up top and then “following” you again to see what happens. 🙄

    • I think they did some kind of big revamp, because all of my settings ended up defaulted (which almost ruined my web anonymity thru facebook, Thanks WP!!). But the same thing happens to me all the time, in fact unless im on here i cant seem to get anyones updates. They obviously don’t care about our mental stimulant needs and are only thinking about…hmm…uhhh..Th..their tra..ffic al..catraz….. O_0


      • Blahahahahaha! I’ve been considering doing a little “revamping” of my own, but I can’t even figure out how to remove the extra sidebar in that new theme I’m testing on my private blog! And that isn’t even a start on “un-painting” myself out of the corner I painted myself into when I chose to reverse the usage of categories and tags when I first started! 😯

        • Yeah it’s a most powerful and awful realization: the instant you realize just how much work you have created for yourself with what you THOUGHT would be an improvement. ha, I did something not to long ago where I change just about everything for about 3 hours…then stopped and couldn’t believe I had ever thought it was a good idea. I hung my head in shame and got right back to going the opposite direction

          • Jeez! Reminds me of the time I got stuck designing and implementing “special modifications” using “relay logic” to an old analog control system in the field – in the middle of the night in Texas, under the roof of a building without walls, with the only light for miles hanging just above my workspace. I’m not sure which was the worse – the crazy task I’d been given to do, or doing it with every bug in Texas buzzing around my head?!?! 😯

            • HA that’s funny, I was just in Texas over the Christmas season for something pretty damn similar. it was an unfinished building with three lights and the mosquitos are HUGE!! left lumps like baseballs lol. And Im sorry but any time I hear “relay logic” I thank the gods for PLC controllers, ladder programming is just so much easier…and less intrusive to space. My eyes hurt just recalling tracing out old relay systems.

              -and I do hope Im not making a fool of myself, I wasn’t trying to assume your use of “relay logic” was to one form or the other…it’s just the first thing that comes to mind

  3. MOST VIP EVER! on said:

    Ok, so I couldn’t help myself and just had to watch the Amnesia trailer….again! And yes, I got totally scared….again! So, I’m blaming you!

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