Years back, just after I graduated highschool, I was doing the normal deal, that is I was skating by doing as little as possible because I was tired of having a workload. During that time I spent a lot of time With my older brother who followed the same practice of retroactive relaxation. Our time was ripe with comedic fodder, and had I known that I could have used it in the future I would have written it down (or not, since that would have been work). It happens to be his birthday today, and unfortunately I am now sitting thousands of miles away from him, so I can’t Give him a proper congratulations on….well doing nothing more than being around for another year. Today is also the day I am [attempting to] re-launch BLacksheepCodex….Well yeah obviously… are reading this here after all. So I thought it would be befitting to make my first launch comic based on one of the many moments I shared with him. Not too long after Graduating it is of course customary to either A) find a job or B) go to college, so every now and then we would prod across something of the such (usually only to digress into talks so far removed from the subject that I could not explain it to you). One time there was a listing in the classifieds for a position in the state treasury, we went on to discuss how it was a wholly misleading employment venue….I mean really who doesn’t want to be around treasure? but noooo you’re just gonna do paper work all day and never see a single doubloon. We eventually made it around to saying that we should go apply for the job in full Pirate garb, pointing out that they were the best “treasurers” as they were most synonymous with treasure itself. Luckily our ambition wasn’t nearly as forthcoming as our imagination and I never had to get kicked out of city hall…but it’s always been something that popped into my head whenever the term “treasurer” hit my eyes. I may still someday actually pull this off…all I need is a separate excuse to add to my priest; SWAT; Braveheart; and HAZMAT officer costumes (don’t ask…). Well Happy Birthday to my big brother, he was my best friend for longer than anyone should have to stand me, and deserves accolades for it

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