Evolved Depravity

Hello all! So I’ve got some news for you. You may or may not (it better have been may) have noticed I haven’t been around for the last few months, and there’s really no need to explain…I was just was too busy. During this time, when I realized that I just couldn’t run that type of blog by myself, I was looking for ways to morph the site so that I could still produce something ….I mean I pay for the thing and all. I pondered but to no real avail, very much like a fat person (read: Me) deciding which cake is “diet friendly”

. At one point I had gone to PAX to try to work up some stuff for you guys… because that event is just bursting with nerd greatness. While I was at the expo I got to see Mike “Gabe” Krahulik draw the Penny Arcade strip in front of me….and it smacked me in the face with a big pimpy hand of clarity. See some time ago when I first opened BSC, KinderGardenCop and I had talked about throwing video skits up on the site. The idea was eventually shot down because I didn’t want to put my hideous face on the inter webs ravish you with my extreme beauty…but the whole idea really started with “we could pointy out funny stuff in life and make de moviezzz derp derp”. So I thought a web comic would perfectly encompass that ideal, plus it looked simple enough to do (spoiler alert: it isn’t). See the articles I used to post take me anywhere from 30min up to an hour to slap together when I was on a roll posting every day. Most of that was the research behind what I was writing about, and frankly that was only if I actually had something to write about…finding something was a whole other timeframe. So the time added up and what it came down to is I don’t have enough time to do it myself. Now thus comic takes me about 5 hours to do…and that’s because I’m terrible at it, I’m hoping that, with some practice, that not only the quality will improve but also that the time will be cut down significantly. With this I’m going to try to write a little blurp about the strips to try to delve into what made me draw that particular strip… this will also leave open a space for me to write other little things, should the whim arise. Anyway I’ll get on with it…so I hope this method will stick and I can continue to create things for the public. The comic will start out as a weekly or maybe bi-weekly deal, but will go thru tons of changes as I develop a drawing style or get more illustrators (apply if you like) And whatnot. Also have to rework the site layout and links a bit…but I’m leaving the country for a spell so it might take some time. So bare with me while I figure this out. Later on today I should be releasing the first of the beta version of the comic. Constructive criticism welcome, destructive criticism punished by death. Toodles.

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