Much like my shameful performance in bed, this strip came out über fast. Much of that had to do with me starting to get a feel for the new software….and then the real reason is that I did this strip to test out the features of said software…so most of this was rendered by that, and all in all there is very little drawing in there. Now that doesn’t mean I didn’t work! I’ll have you know that I limited myself to only a couple of hours of video games and only a small cache of booze while I was doodling this one, and you said I needed to get my priorities straight. So I used a lot of gradients and mixing tools with this one, it was quite fun playing with the settings and seeing the outcome (or screwing up, whatever you wanna call it), the lighting effect on Not specified Mrs Scientist’s face up there was the hardest to do…mainly because I was insistent on doing it with a gradient instead of an airbrush tool, you know..cause I’m a glutton for aggravation. Anyway enough of the boring illustrator talk….this comic’s inspiration came from my battered tornado thought process, as one day I was like “I wonder what it was like before the invention of coffee”. In the 3 seconds it took for me to recognize the retarded shape that sentence had grown and promptly punch myself directly in the nose, I thought of a sciency lab filled with exhausted looking scientist working on a cure for the sleepies. And yes, before you go all wonky and point it out (I know I would), I do know that is the chemical formula for Caffeine and not coffee per se. But I think it’s a fair enough play, coffee is pretty synonymous with caffeine after all (and the words even hold a resemblance to each other). Oh and a quick note: Although I’m sure you think I’m the greatest artist in the world and that all designers should bow in my presence, I am new to this still….so if you have any constructive criticisms, like picture sizing or text issues or etc, go ahead and air them….but do try to be nice cuz I will hunt you down and smother you with a cats ass.

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4 thoughts on “C8H10N4O2

  1. Oh my word… the first sentence… hahahah

    No constructive criticism I’m afraid since I have ZERO knowledge on art.

    • What?! You do all of those wonderful doodles and Post+It note drawings! Besides it didn’t have to be illustration criticism, you could a said:
      “dear CatastroFUCK,
      I know you are the worlds foremost artist in all things and are absolutely perfect in every way, and as a bonus you are the most handsome and attractive man on the planet. But I did notice the images were to big for my screen when I clicked the link”
      And I would have been okay with that and not had to bring vays into it at all

      ^_^ thanks Britt

      • I thought that was just my retarded computer sizing it like that. Sometimes bigger is definitely not always better. O_o

        • Yeah I wasn’t sure what was going on with WP’s coding at that time….usually (with most browsers) the image would fit to screen and then allow you to zoom to full res….but that wasn’t the case here and instead decided to show of every pixel I drew up close and personal hahaha

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