So how lazy are you? I am super lazy, I govern my free time with my own personal ratio…if the pleasure time doesn’t make up for the prep time, I’m not doing it. For example I don’t cook….not necessarily because I’mm bad at it.. but because it just isn’t worth working for an hour and a half for 10 maybe 15 minutes of enjoyment….and then having to work more to clean up….NOPE big ol F in my book. I do this all the time, and it’s not always an easy choice, one time I was asked if I wanted to meet someone at a restaurant about 10 minutes from my home and I ended up thumbs downing the offer because I thought getting dressed was too much work to go have that food….sick I know. Now this doesn’t really mean that I don’t do anything…there are plenty of times that I will actually be very active…it just has to feel worth it. I drew this because I have kinda been in that situation…the food wasn’t quite that bad…but it wasn’t too good either and I made the choice to just deal with it…bad choice, one I may not do again…but all the same I did do it once before. Oh and just to add to the whole Im lazy thing…I used like a thousand ellipses thru-out this post.  So what’s you worst lazy moment? Is it as simple as skipping a shower, or as bad as leaving your kid at the bus stop cuz “He’ll figure it out”?

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4 thoughts on “Resolve

  1. LayZee. A difficult art to master, but well worth the (lack of) effort! 😉

  2. Well… I cancel dates because I’m too lazy to get dressed and go out once I get back home from work. Which is probably why I’m still single, lol. So Jp decided she would come over and make sure I don’t just glide right into bed. And I didn’t know until she would tell me at a later date, that she would drive to the meet up site (I usually pick a place really, really close by), to make sure I actually went and that she would be instantly there if anything were to go wrong. Now that’s a devoted friend. LOL.

    I am also too lazy to eat sometimes. Even if there’s food in the house, and you know I cook. Some days, my parents or Jenny come over to feed me. It’s sick, I know. 😉 And she’s about to come over to drop off some food after she’s done cooking as I am typing this…

    I’m starting to think we’re more alike and that’s kind of disturbing to this pack.

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