Hey guys! I know it’s been a while, and I’m truly sorry….to the extent an overworked person can be. See this time of year is really busy for me, like really REALLY busy, so I haven’t had much time to work on drawing. Even this one was rushed (that’s right rushed in two weeks hahaha). Anyway, I got this Idea from Life, specifically mine. See My last two comics were drawn pretty damn good…if I do say so myself (and I did). There is a specific comic artist that I strive to be like, and those comics were almost something he would have put together. In fact the comics he was doing at the time weren’t all that in-depth ( I think he was really busy with major projects), so I felt really good about my work…you know because it was getting near the level of the guy who made me want to do this. At least that’s what I foolishly thought….he then released 4 or 5 extremely detailed and super awesome comics in rapid succession. It was like a machine gun ripping apart the threads of my ego with severe prejudice. My work sprinted from “pretty good” to “child’s play” right quick. It kinda put me in my place, this guy is a professional and a full-time artist….meanwhile I’ve never as much taken a class on drawing nor do I have natural drawing talent, so Me picking this up on a whim probably isn’t going to amount to the greatness my idol posts every week. A little disheartening sure….but I suppose it isn’t all that surprising either. With any luck I’ll be able to keep at this long enough to reach the level I wish to achieve, and maybe you’ll even get a laugh or two along the way ^_^.

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