Face Your Demons

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So I wrote a two-part poem for a dear friend….it sort of outlines a path I have been on, and a path I’m heading down. And I know that’s vague…it’s supposed to be mysterious and therefore erotic, now surrender your clothes unto me! But to be serious, I have mentioned once or twice before that I used to do a lot of writing, darker and more artful writing. Unfortunately most of those brilliant works are lost to time, but the recipient of these new pieces seems to think I should share them with the world, and I respect her opinion greatly so I’m going to try just that. I’m going to put up the first half, and see how things go from there. This one is about a late entry in my past. Oh and the above picture has nothing to do with this…it was a cell from what was an upcoming comic before I got fell away

Time Flows On

The clock heralds my heart beat
As I lie awake this night
The hum in my ear seeds a chaos
Sprouting insomnia I desperately fight

Eyes pasted to the ceiling
Perusing lofty details miles away
I’m scattered across the timeline
Searching for where horizons swayed

Pondering what moment I chose
To close my eyes and open my mind
Eyes all too blind to see the truth
In a world coated in lies

Blackness aiming my senses
Desire pulling the trigger in kind
I hold myself and shut the door
Leaving the fire in the sky behind

Seconds to minutes, minutes to hours
And now I find myself decades gone
Mind flooded with uncertainty and doubt
The seas of torment leaving my hull worn

Set in stone, head in a spin cycle
Drowned in the wake of the powerful “Why?”
The pressure squeezing to my bones
Effectively silencing my cries

There must be a way to swim back up
To get back control of the helm
I must face the demons inside of us
Bring this skirmish straight to their realm

Coming to in a ghastly room
One sickly of my own design
I approach the wraith kings slowly
Assuring myself things will be fine

With wicked intent, and skills to deliver
They assault ideas of which this is home
Knife to my throat, I push forward and say
“Did you know we never die alone?”

For emphasis:

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5 thoughts on “Face Your Demons

  1. Most V.I.P Ever on said:

    Ok, usually I’m good for a joke or two here but not this time. All I can say is….write on, my friend, write on! 😉

  2. If it weren’t for the previous writings, I’m not sure if we would have been friends. I think we met a little before the cusp of you switching your blog up but your mind is a beautiful thing. Evident of the comments on my blog of our late night conversations. 😉 I couldn’t well take credit for your genius. Keep writing my dear, and know that if it has had a lasting impression on anyone, it would be me. ♥

    • Hmm, that’s probably the sweetest thing I’ve heard all day…and I had a pretty lovely earful this morning, so kudos. To be honest I don’t know which writing I like the best…The older stuff was always more eloquent and flowing, but there is something just so fun about writing comedy…even if it isn’t high caliber. At any rate..Im certainly glad they were there and I’ll be sure to keep on making them, one way or another ^_^

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