eye-controlled laptop

Most of us in the tech world have gotten pretty used to the touchscreen interface, some of us even before the iPhone’s debut brought the world’s attention to the touchscreen interface. But what is the future? most of us would answer (guess i might add) “you just think of it and it goes”. Well Tobii, a Swedish eye-tracking and control developer, has tag-teamed with Lenovo to make a prototype of next-gen control interface…and its not as far off from your fantastical future as you might think. The software would use your eyes like a mouse.. so where ever you’re looking is like where the cursor is. I think they will have to implement a click “button”(more so confirmation) of some kind just to avoid our shear impulse to look at things, even if we have no interest. But aside from that it sounds fluid:

… For example, glancing at a specific icon can present more information about that subject, and applications with maps or photos can center the image based on what you’re looking at.
“It makes using a laptop more efficient,” “What if you could just look to where you’re going to take your mouse and the [cursor] just appears there. If you’re have to look at something anyway, why not have that actually facilitate the movement you’re getting ready to make?”

I can definitely see how the map systems would work great as your view would never need (manual) scrolling. But I stand true to my button theory, cuz i know damn sure that when im on my favourite ladies sit of I see an ad for lingerie that cursor will be nothing but buried in the cleavage. Plus I’ll accidentally click “buy” seven times when I have the complete collection of aqua teen hunger force in my cart. just sayin…its awesome.

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