Man fisted in the face for Zoidberg impression

Some 22 year-old kid was doing a Professor Zoidberg impression when another man, whom we presume is infuriated by animate crab doctor, played fisticuffs all up in the impersonator’s face. Our 22y/o victim suffered a broken nose and broken teeth for his (probably terrible) impression of the Futurama character:

When “Zoidberg” passed another man on the street, the other man reportedly asked, “What did you say to me?” The 22-year-old’s friends pulled him away from the man, “telling him, ‘keep going, he said nothing to you,’ ” according to the report.

The man reportedly followed for about 20 feet and threw the punch. The alleged assailant, who is known by the 22-year-old, reportedly ran away, the report states.

Yeah thats some serious hate of crustaceans to make the poor bastard shit teeth. Shoulda went with Bender, everybody loves Bender. Im gonna share a little secret with you guys, carry a hand grenade. You dont have to use it but it scares the shit outta people.

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