a different kind of wordart

Phil is an artist, He dabbles in a large variety of style and somehow makes a living doing it. I don’t know how he does it, I dont get paid to do the things I love (video games and boob judging). Well he has many interesting project but like a retard he took most of them down from his site. This one was cool tho cuz when you initially look at it your like “well, its hard but not that impressive”. But when you watch the video and see it word by word over hours and hours, you get a whole new respect fr it. I think im going to hire him as my secretary and make him take personal notes in this style. It’s cool cuz no one will refuse a discus filled with lewd comments about co-workers.

*site has a really neat super zoom that lets you read the wheel*

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One thought on “a different kind of wordart

  1. bloody hell, that was really neat but yes, had to see the video to get that wow-factor… WOW.

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