Balloons polluting the bay

THQ decided to pull a stunt to promote their new Homefront video game in order to drive buzz in a way less used than say a magazine ad. So they decided to release thousands of red balloons into the air because of the obvious link from balloons to war games. Mother nature however seemed to disagree with THQ’s PR department and decided to let the balloons get as far as San Fran bay before plummeting into the water. Residents/annoying naysayers seemed outraged at the event speaking out on more than one occasion.

quoted by the San Francisco Chronicle:
When I looked out the window and saw thousands of balloons dropping straight into the bay, I was flabbergasted… I never expected to see something like this in San Francisco, where there’s such concern about the bay and pollution.

Save the bay quickly agreed:

Obviously, we have a problem with polluting of the bay and this is just polluting and littering.

Now im no preservationist, so I may be coming off as a little bias, but it seems rather excessive to me to be all pissy about this. I mean its not like they dropped trash or syringes all over San Francisco, they were red balloons (red being a color that naturally comes to mind when you hear San Fran, well burgundy/maroon anyway). Plus on top of it do you think THQ would be so morally blind as to release a shit-ton of balloons that would hurt the environment? Ah a statement:

The balloons released at the Homefront rally event today were made from a 100% organic product and are 100% biodegradable. The balloons have no history of causing any environmental pollution on land or in water. Although we’re confident that there will be no harm to the environment, we’ve retained a clean up crew to remove any potential lingering debris. This was a THQ-sponsored promotion and GameStop had no involvement, whatsoever

That was a THQ representative bashing thru thick skulls how harmless this is. Sadly however they had to waste money on a clean up crew. Oh that whole Gamestop bit was because the initial blame was put on them, you know because surprisingly the mass hordes blamed someone with out any evidence whatsoever. shocking

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