Kill it!! It’s an alien spy!!

That is a huge fuckin bug! clocking in at 6 inches long, it holds the title of “largest insect in the world”. 6 inches?!?! thats twice as big as my johnson the minimum distance I sit from the TV while playing LA Noire (If you where looking for productivity today you are sadly mistaken). Watch this thing go all creepy-crawly and shit…..never saw them eat that on Fear Factor…..probably cuz Joe Rogan roundhouse-kicked it into oblivion for getting sassy with a lady.


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4 thoughts on “Kill it!! It’s an alien spy!!

  1. what! really… ok, aint no fan of bugs and sure as hell, will stay away from that monster… yikes…

  2. Yeah it s creepy, yet strangely enough I want one…for what purpose, I do not know

  3. GammaParticle on said:

    Nice choice for a pet! It’ll scare my cockroach mafia. No way they’ll put a hit on that!

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