Japan finds Rare earth metals in the sea (probably Godzilla poop)

Hi everybody!, been a long time…it’s sure does go by quick when your locked up and have to attend a state mandated anger management and alcohol abuse courses (falsehood btw, it totally doesn’t).

So anyway I really havent had much time to investigate into a bigger story I was working on for you guys so I decided to put up a little something for you to remind you that I was once the fruit of your life. Now then, kitten porn…..wait wait no…wrong conversation…Japan (yeah I know close enough) has discovered some new shiny formations in their oceans and we are at least 70% sure it’s not left over from the nuclear meltdown or the strategic decommissioning of their robot overlord droids. It seems that the little buggers have found some 100 billion tons of rare earth metals in the Pacific seabed, which means they totally have enough to do a life-size recreation of all the Gundam series. Just how much is 100 billion tons in comparison to world control? well the current world reserve for the specific minerals found (tantalum and yttrium….yeah I thought “rare earth metal” was a shitty mineral name too) is roughly around 110 million tons. So that’s like 10…20….carry the one…over the ….a whole crap box more! Thats a pretty serious game changer as these minerals are used in alot of advance tech like flat screen monitors and smartphones and penis enlargement pills, which could seriously draw in some much-needed revenue toward Japan from china whom is the current largest share holder (to be fair they are only the largest yttrium provider as wiki tells me Australia is the largest tantalum miners…so good on ya mates). Heres a little background on tantalum and yttrium:

  • tantalum: It’s mostly used in the manufacturing of high powered resistors (whilst in the powders form) as one of the plates on either end of the dielectric, it’s ideal for this as i can be usedx in much thinner layers than similar plateings and thusly it can make a higher capacitance in a smaller package. As a second usage it’s can be used to coat medical prosthetics and make surgical instruments as it resists attacks by bodily fluids (you know that little army in you)
  • yttrium: Medically the radioactive isotope yttrium-90 is used in drugs such as Yttrium Y 90-DOTA-tyr3-octreotide and Yttrium Y 90 ibritumomab tiuxetan for the treatment of various cancers, including lymphoma,leukemia, ovarian, colorectal, pancreatic, and bone cancers. It works by adhering to monoclonal antibodies, which in turn bind to cancer cells and kill them via intense β-radiation from the yttrium-90 (see Monoclonal antibody therapy).Needles made of yttrium-90, which can cut more precisely than scalpels, have been used to sever pain-transmitting nerves in the spinal cord, and yttrium-90 is also used to carry out radionuclide synovectomy in the treatment of inflamed joints, especially knees, in sufferers of conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis. Other than that copy I couldn’t figure out anything other than it’s used in some high end spark plugs so my guess is its some good stuff….or magik in pure form…in which case its my and you have to let go of it

So there you have it, Japan finally scores a break and maybe, just maybe, I wont steal all of it with my submarines, evil kitty, and excessively long monologues. Now go! I must practice the art of mineral snatching on Minecraft. AAAHHH FIRE!!!


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